Accident registration

The process of registering for an accident follows these steps :

  1. Administrative data of the person filing the claim :
    • Situation and position of the adult filing the accident claim. Several answers are possible: apart from the possibility to file the claim for one self, one can also file a claim on behalf of other victims.
    • Identity of the person filing the accident claim : add all personal data (all fields marked with an asterisk (*) should be completed)
  2. Information on the victim :
    • Identity of the victim : add all personal data regarding the victim
    • Accident information : date and location of the victim at the moment of the accident
    • Bodily injuries
    • Material damage
  3. Overview :
    • After filling in the data mentioned above, an overview is given of the claim (identities of person filing the claim and victim(s)) and if your email adress is given, you will also receive confirmation by email.
    • One can continue to add other victims, or quit the registration by confirming the given information.

For help on the registration process, contact the call center at the phonenumber given by the media