Victim of a nuclear accident, What to do?

The nuclear installations insured entirely or partly by SYBAN :

  1. Nuclear power station of Doel
  2. Nuclear power station of Tihange
  3. SCK-CEN at Mol
  4. FBFC (factory) at Dessel
  5. I.R.E. Institute for Radioelements at Fleurus
  6. J.R.C. Joint Research Centre at Geel
  7. Belgoprocess (installations at Mol and Dessel)
  8. Nuclear Transporters: Transrad, Transnubel, STSI Belgium

In case you, or your company, have suffered a damage following an accident in one of the above mentioned nuclear installations, SYBAN asks you to carefully collect any relevant documents needed (medical certificate, detailed assessment of the material damage, etc.) and to report a claim.

This claim notification shall be sent to :

de Meeûssquare 29
B-1000 Brussel

Or you can fill in your claim on the website or contact the callcenter of SYBAN. 

Your claim must reach us at the latest within 3 years after the moment when you have got knowledge from the damage and the identity of the liable operator or as from the time when you should have, reasonably, be aware of it. In any case, your claim notification must reach us 10 years after the accident, at the latest.

SYBAN will confirm your claim registration and will communicate the name of the insurance company, which will manage the file. The appointed insurance company will contact you concerning the management of your claim.